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Phase I Remedial Investigation for PFAS

Luke Air Force Base and Gila Bend Auxiliary Field, AZ

Tanaq Environment technicians performing research

Tanaq is currently conducting, an $8.3M Phase I RI for Luke AFB for the USACE Los Angeles District. The project includes soil sampling and installation of monitoring wells, installation of lysimeters, on-base and off-base well sampling, development and refinement of complex CSM, and completion of a comprehensive RI to define the nature and extent of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination at Luke AFB and at two sites at the separate Gila Bend parcel located south of Luke AFB.The RI includes installation of five 650-foot deep wells, and 38 300-foot deep wells at Luke AF Base and 17 350-foot deep wells at the Gila Bend sites. Tanaq follows the PFAS sampling protocols in the Quality Program Plan – Site Inspection of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Release Areas Environmental Programs Worldwide, AFCEC, October 2018 to minimize the chance of cross contamination and false positive results. Innovations include proposed use of PFAS-free snap samplers (PFAS-Zero™) that don’t require purging of groundwater, minimizing wastewater created during sample collection and reducing overall waste management quantities

“The Contractor has provided very good quality work in support of the Phase I Remedial Investigation at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The Contractor has demonstrated very good technical capabilities both in the fieldwork and in preparation of project plans, reports, and submittals. Work products and services meet the specifications of the contract and measure up to commonly accepted technical and professional standards. Tanaq provided high quality products, field work and technical knowledge, which greatly helped the team move the remediation investigation forward with scope, budget and timeframe. No significant weaknesses has been identified.

Tanaq has shown willingness to engage regulators up-front to head off any potential regulatory issues. This has proven to be a very good strategy to avoid delays/cost-overruns. Specifically, Tanaq has taken initiatives to resolve any sampling equipment concerns from the regulators, while identifying alternatives and solutions. Tanaq is aware that a great working relationship with regulators and compliance is crucial in the success of this investigation.”

 – Oct 2021 Interim CPARS, Matthew Masten, Contracting Officer’s Representative, USACE LA District

PFAS Mitigation of Drinking Water

Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID

Tanaq Environment irrigation site

Tanaq designed, procured, installed, and operated a potable water treatment system to treat PFAS-contaminated groundwater from a water supply well providing 1,000 gpm of clean water to the MHAFB public water supply system. The system treated groundwater from an existing water supply well with combined PFOS/PFOA concentrations of approx. 300 ng/L. The ion-exchange resin treatment system operated from August 2018 – October 2020 and successfully treated approximately 20 million gallons with no breakthrough occurring at the midpoint of any of the three treatment trains.

The Contractor’s overall management of this project/contract, was exceptional. USACE appreciates the excellent work by the Contractor on this important contract for our Air Force Customer. Tanaq’s successful work to design and construct the Ion Resin Replacement PFAS contamination water treatment facility, compliant with National Science Foundation 61 standards and in accordance with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) requirements for public water systems, was accomplished in an overall exceptional manner. PFAS being an ’emerging’ / new regulated water contaminant, has the distinct attention of regulators at local, state and federal levels, and for the Contractor to successfully complete this project, to provide both the anticipated amount of clean water and the information requested for the AF Customer regarding the study of costs for the installation and operation of such systems, and done almost ‘seamlessly’, is an indication of exceptional management.”

 – May 2020 Final CPARS, Bill Graney, Contracting Officer’s Representative, USACE Seattle District

Performance-Based Remediation

MacDill Air Force Base and
Avon Park Air Force Range, FL

Air force water tower

Tanaq Environmental has been contracted to perform Performance-Based Remediation (PBR) activities under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) at five Florida AF sites: three at Avon Park Air Force Range and two at MacDill Air Force Base. The PBR goal is site closure within the five-year Period of Performance for four sites, and completion of an interim source removal at a fifth site. Within three years of contract award, Tanaq achieved site closure at three of the four sites. Tanaq has completed remedial actions at the fourth site and is currently conducting Long-Term Monitoring in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requirements. Tanaq also completed an interim removal action at the fifth site to achieve the PBR goals. As prime contractor, Tanaq is responsible for achieving all performance-based requirements. Tanaq staff completed planning document preparation (Project Management Plans, UFP-QAPPs, Accident Prevention Plans/Site Safety and Health Plans, Remedial Action Plans), site characterization, soil sampling, plume delineation refinement, remedy selection, planning and scheduling, subcontractor procurement and oversight, operations and maintenance of remediation systems, LTM sampling, and preparation of Remedial Action Status Reports and Site Rehabilitation Completion Reports.

“Tanaq has provided quality documents and field work. They have coordinated closely with the Base and the Regulators and been an active participant in quarterly Tier 1 Partnering Meetings… The project is on schedule. Changes necessitated by site conditions have been incorporated… Management has been very good thus far… Regulatory approval is required and Tanaq has actively engaged with the FDEP to keep the Avon Park and MacDill programs progressing.”

 – Jan 2021 Interim CPARS, Michael Riggle, Project Manager, USACE Omaha District

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